Transaction advisory

In times of rapidly growing business integrity, companies are often looking for a complex solution to an upcoming change in structure. Especially foreign investors are interested in an integrated, complex package of services to make it easier to enter the Bulgarian market. Same challenges are facing Bulgarian companies investing abroad or in untypical domestic markets.

Due diligence and deal support

Making the right investment decision can have a significant impact on shareholder value.

To make an informed investment decision and create the best value from the transaction you will need the following:

  • an understanding of the target business
  • identification and understanding of key business drivers
  • an understanding of all the relevant issues
  • clear analysis, conclusions and recommendations


Pragmatic and commercial reporting with a focus on key issues

We are focussed on supporting our clients make that informed investment decision. We help clients do that by providing them with robust financial due diligence services that are clearly linked to their requirements as purchaser and also suitable for their funders. 

We pride ourselves on our assignments being closely led by partners and directors, so that you get the benefit of our most experienced and senior people. 

We tailor each engagement to meet your specific needs and prioritise our focus to key risk areas.  This approach allows us to answer your key questions and allows you to confirm whether your investment rationale is robust.  

We provide pragmatic and commercial insight and opinions and our reports focus on the main issues but are still comprehensive enough to provide you with a deep understanding of the business.

We communicate with you throughout the transaction process so you are aware of issues as they arise with no surprises. We provide expertise and practical advice on how to resolve issues and draw on the expertise of our colleagues from other services. In fact, our most satisfied clients comment on the seamless integration of financial due diligence with tax, commercial and operations insights.



An experienced and dynamic approach to valuations. You may require a valuation for a certain purpose.

For example:

  • if you are involved in a transaction, a dispute or restructuring your business, the value of your business and its assets will be a critical commercial consideration
  • for financial reporting purposes, a professional valuation can be essential to ensuring values on your balance sheet for NAV reporting purposes are robust and can withstand scrutiny.

We can support you and work with you on your valuation need including shares, businesses, intangible assets, projects or complex financial instruments.