Issues relating to real estate will almost certainly touch upon your organisation in one way or another - whether you are an owner-occupier or tenant. Real estate can be a significant cost to businesses and is often overlooked. The goal is to capitalise on real estate value, maximise returns while minimising risk and cost.

Our Real Estate advisory team is multi-disciplinary containing individuals with industry experience in residential and commercial development, real estate valuation and financing. 

Our main services include:

Market analysis and strategy

We plan and develop your real estate strategy so it supports your business objectives. We can help advise on market conditions and demand, development strategy, planning, risk-management and value maximisation.

Real estate valuation

We can help you evaluate what are land plots and building worth today by selecting the most appropriate valuation techniques in a precise manner. Our team includes a large number of State certified real estate appraisers, which makes our products recognizable and acceptable for banks, investors and institutions.