A key element in our global audit methodology is the use of cutting-edge technology.

In particular, we use an integrated set of software tools known as the Voyager suite.

This suite of tools includes the following elements:



Voyager is a tool that helps our audit teams identify financial statement risks and evaluate the effectiveness of existing processes and internal controls in mitigating those risk. The tool also helps our teams document, evaluate and test internal controls, and design improvement strategies.



This is a trial balance and workpaper generation tool which is fully integrated with Voyager.

TBeam helps our teams to:

  • automatically update lead sheets for changes to the trial balance
  • perform analytical procedures
  • evaluate misstatements and potential accounting adjustments
  • create standard and custom workpapers



Our auditors use a data extraction and analysis tool, IDEA. It allows audit teams to analyse large amounts of financial data. Using IDEA, we can access such data in seconds, saving time and money for our clients.


Pentana checker

It is an application for assessing the consistency between the disclosures in the financial statements and the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards.