Grant Thornton Bulgaria is a member of Grant Thornton International network of firms. Therefore, it implements GTIL’s world-wide audit methodology, which comprises procedures that focus our efforts on those areas of your business and financial reporting that represent the greatest risk.


Our audit approach is governed by policies and procedures that ensure compliance with the International Standards on Auditing, International Standards on Quality Control and the IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.


Why Grant Thornton

Our audit teams are comprised of highly qualified people, with great technical expertise and solid background in audits. Moreover, GTIL has established protocols that enable member firms to consult with audit specialists in other member firms throughout the international organization as well as GTIL’s IFRS Committee.

Our audit approach does not only provide us with reasonable assurance that the financial statements give a true and fair view but also allows us to understand in depth your operations and your business performance. In those terms, our people can offer recommendations that would unlock your potentials for growth and upturn.

Our audit methodology and tools are constantly evaluated to ensure adherence to International Standards on Auditing, whilst updated versions are released on an annual basis.

In addition to our own internal quality control procedures and in line with the global network’s requirements, every member firm is subject to Grant Thornton Audit Review (GTAR), a program conducted by GTIL at regular intervals. This review is a systematic check of the quality of member firms’ audit procedures carried out at least once every three years by independent and suitably qualified partners and managers from other member firms under the overall direction of GTIL.


Our solutions

One of the key elements that contribute to the high quality of services we offer is the development of innovative technology and software programs. We believe that superior technology creates efficient service and lower fees. We have incorporated innovative computer applications into our audit procedures (Voyager, TBeam, IDEA, etc.) that can be tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of each organization. Our services offered consist of:

  • Statutory audit of annual financial statements, prepared in accordance with IFRS or Bulgarian GAAP
  • Audit of consolidated financial statements
  • Audit / review of interim financial statements
  • Review of financial statements
  • Audit of financial statements, prepared in accordance with special purpose frameworks
  • Engagements to perform agreed-upon procedures (ISRS 4400)
  • Compliance services (ISAE 3000)