Grant Thornton’s audit and regulatory reporting process is more than a compliance measure. It is also a business improvement tool which identifies and resolves critical issues and adds value.

Our team members have deep expertise in all aspects of audit and regulatory compliance and have a strong track record in undertaking:

  • compliance reports on regulatory matters to supervisory bodies
  • asset quality review engagements for banks (AQRs)
  • insurance balance sheet reviews for insurance companies (IBSRs)
  • pension funds’ assets reviews (PFARs)
  • one-off reviews of systems and controls
  • agreed-upon procedure reports
  • other regulatory and compliance audits, such as reporting on grants, certification, compliance, etc.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that robust regulatory reports identify the root causes of operational and accounting issues, compliance challenges and deliver tailored and effective recommendations.

As part of our process, we take the time to understand a business, including its profit drivers and key risks. We then apply Grant Thornton’s methodology and approach that utilise the latest technology to drive an efficient and effective process for performing the engagement and reporting the results to stakeholders. During the regulatory reporting engagements our clients consistently deal with the same team members and are kept up to date with ongoing developments.

Our team delivers regulatory reports that are rigorous, accurate and provide actionable insights.